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Welcome to the new Faithful Photographs by Jenn

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog! I wanted to show some of the changes I have made to my business to make it easier for clients to get what they want the way they want it.

Change 1: No more hour long sessions

Now session will be 45 minutes. For some 15 minutes is not a huge deal which is great! There are times when an hour is just too long for a session, especially if the children are losing their patience with all the photographs I am capturing.

Change 2: All photographs will be delivered online

That's right, no more cd discs and/or flash drives for you to be collecting your photographs. Now a days, so many people are downloading their photographs directly to their phones and many computers/laptops do not have a cd disc reader anymore. Shocking I know! But this is now an easier way to receive your photographs faster also!

Change 3: Wedding packages have changed slightly

I won't go into much details on this; mostly because it depends on what you are looking for/ Mainly, I have added a few things and taken away a few things. But there is always the option of creating your own package and price if you do not like what is offered to you.

Change 4: More Mini Sessions

I have fallen in love with mini sessions and now I am so excited to be adding more to my collections, but they will no longer be requested whenever clients would like. Instead they will be every so often with a surprise to some of them...stay tuned!

Change 5: VIP Benefits and Referral Program

I think this is by far my favorite change so far! I have met some amazing clients throughout my 10 years, but now I have added a VIP Benefits for my returning clientele! This could mean anything from first dibs on mini sessions to extra photographs on their sessions to some nice gifts. But only they will know what it is and it is different for every client! Secondly, my new referral program has now started. For every client that refers a friend both the client and friend win! If you want to see what any of these could be make sure to message me or ask a friend.

Stay tuned to more fun and exciting things to come only at Faithful Photographs by Jenn

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