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Sierra and Danny Session

On a Sunday afternoon, the sun was beginning to set for day light savings had started that morning. On Main Street Placerville, Ca I met with this married couple where the wife was very excited for her session. Her husband stood by and did as he was told to make his wife happy for she told me she had been wanting to get their pictures taken for years, but was nervous because they never had a “true photo shoot”. Little did I know they would be one of the sweetest couples I have been lucky enough to capture. Danny, the husband looked at his wife with so much love and he did exactly what we both said to keep his true love happy.

At the beginning of their session, Sierra (the wife) told me I had captured many of her friends and she was very excited for her session be captured by me as well. As we finished, we ended in a spot I now love and never knew was on Main Street. A new favorite for me!

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