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Mother of 3 boys

This mother loves her boys more than any words combined can express it. I have known these boys for 2 years now. I have watched them grow into some of the sweetest and cutest little men I have ever met.

Elisa (5 years old) is so proud to be a big brother to 2 little brothers and show them he ropes on how to handle life so far. James (2 years old) has the cutest curls and one of the most sweetest smiles that can, almost, get him out of any troublesome situation. Last but not least Landon (1 year old) is finding his place, loudly, in this threesome and becoming his own little man. The mom you may ask? She is one of the strongest woman I know! She is hard working, loving and loves her family!

Not only do I feel blessed to be able to capture their warming smiles, but I get to call them my family! Now, I hope to be able to capture more fun sessions with them in the future!

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