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I miss so much right now...

As I watch the outside world crumble to exist, I look inside myself to find love and what I found is you.

Just when we thought the virus was something that rocked this year, we have this to face. I am like the others in the world who is shaken up. My family and I have been taking each day by the minute and trying to find the shinning sun while we have these dark gray clouds hanging above our heads.

I have lost something that seems so little to others, but to me it is everything! I have lost my sessions with my clients. Some could criticize why I have lost my sessions, but that is not what this post is about. I have decide to respect my clients in their beliefs for having sessions or not. It has not stopped me from offering sessions, but we all have our reasons for booking a session now with guidelines or waiting. My job is to bring memories for people to cherish for a lifetime. During these hard and scary times it makes me realize how much more I love my job and miss it even more. I may not be able to change the world with my words or action, but I can change peoples lives with the photographs I capture for their benefits.

Yesterday, while my daughter was playing outside in her dress up Elsa dress, I grabbed my camera and just captured as many photographs of her as possible. No props, no plans, no backdrops just a little girl loving the sun and the grass in her own little world not knowing at all what is going on outside her fenced backyard. Sometimes I forget my passion and talent was not given to me just to give to others, it is also used to help me see my world for myself and how lucky I am to have my family and the life I have been given on this Earth today.

Here is where I share some photographs I will cherish while my little girl grows every second of every day. I hope you enjoy and will very soon book your own family session for FREE!



Faithful Photographs by Jenn

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