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How Can it Already be August?

Hello Everyone!

Happy Tuesday, I hope you are all doing well and the summer heat is not killing you. This morning I looked at the calendar and couldn't believe august was only 5 days away! How can that be possible? It just reminds me how fast times go by!

One thing I know I love about summer is how long it stays light out. I love summer nights, excluding the mosquitos, how cool it is watching the beautiful sunsets while winding down from the day. My absolute favorite!

If you are reading this then you are the first to capture a hint of the new mini session coming up. A reminder mini sessions are FREE! All you pay for are the photographs you want to keep after the editing is complete. I will be leaving hints through my blog posts and whoever uses the hint while booking will collect a FREE 8 x 10 print of the photo of your choice. Ready for your hint?


Have a great day and week everyone!

Love always,


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