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How are you doing?

I have been thinking about what to say for the last 2 months. First, I want to start by asking how are you doing? This is such a trying time for everyone somehow. No matter what is going on please know you are not alone and there are always people and places to reach out and ask for help no matter what.

Secondly, Due to this whole change of life, I wanted to help make life a little easier for everyone in anyway I can. For the rest of the year 2020 all sessions (excluding weddings and newborns) will be FREE! You will only pay for a small deposit fee to save your session and whatever photographs you would like to keep.

During this time I know family is one of the most important things to hold onto and lets make that even more special by documenting we all survived 2020!

Lots of love,

Faithful Photographs by Jenn

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