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How Are You Doing?

Hello everyone!

During this time, I thought it would be a good time to check in with all my amazing clients to see how everyone is doing? I know this is a time where everyone is struggle with something in their lives and it can be scary for so many of us.

I know for myself I am missing a whole lot, but one of the biggest aspects I am missing in my life are capturing moments for my clients! I was so upset I was not able to offer my Easter mini specials I was wanting to hold this year, as well as, my spring specials. For me, one of the biggest mountains I have had to face is letting go of the plans I have made especially when it comes to my business. I put a lot of effort and thought into my planning of specials and it was very hard for myself to not be able to offer any these last two month. Also, not knowing when all of this will be over has been a struggle as I believe it has been for many others. Plus, I really miss shopping at Target or just randomly walking the aisles (I know very off topic, but its the truth).

Of course, with all this negativity around I have really had to look at the blessing that have come from this part of life. My first blessing is I have come up with so many different sessions I will be offering and I cannot WAIT to capture so many fun and exciting memories that can last a lifetime! Secondly, I have enjoyed cleaning my house more which no one believed in my family would ever be possible. Lastly, I have enjoyed life of just being alive! Of course, there are still stresses of bills and having a very vocal and stubborn toddler, but just recognizing I am alive and we are in these moments have been a true blessing to realize. When all this is over, for myself I will try not to take the simple things in life like a simple handshake for granted and I cannot wait to just hug the people I love again.

If you or someone you know are having a hard time during this pandemic; please know there are places to call to talk to someone whether it is a loved one or a hotline for crisis. SO many of us are feeling alone and scared and truly we are never alone!

Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone for the rest of the year 2020 ALL sessions (excluding weddings) will be FREE! The only payment(s) that are requested are a deposit to saved the date, as well as, whatever photographs you want to keep! Additionally, if you pre-book a session before the quarantine is over you have a choice of 5 free portrait prints from your session or 3 free photograph downloads.

I believe when all this are complete we need to capture those smiles again and restart capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Also, show proof we all survived the year 2020!

Please Stay strong and positive!

Love always,

Faithful Photographs by Jenn

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