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A family that loves football and the fall.

Yesterday afternoon as the cool air came in through the autumn trees, I was lucky enough to meet up with the Goehring family. A family who has been booking with me for over 5 years and every year the sessions become better and better. This year the annual family session was held at Silverthorn Medows in Camino, Ca. With the pond in the background and beautiful green, yellow and red trees I knew this would be the perfect location for breathtaking photographs and adding this gorgeous family was just the cherry on top of the sundae. The two hours we spent were so easy for there was laughter as little Kingston, who will be turning 3 years old soon, was lifting his shirt for everyone to see his belly and making the crowd go wild (literally). Everyone laughed and smiled greatly as all the grown children knew these pictures are made to keep Mom happy for another year until the next annual family photographs. One thing is always for sure when I meet up with this family, the love and bond they have for one another has never gone unnoticed and every year they welcome me with open arms as I get to feel included in this family for at least 2 hours of my day.

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