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4 Tips for Making a Boudoir Easier

Deciding to do a boudoir session is a HUGE deal!

For so many, especially women, it is a very scary and nerve wrecking thing to comprehend. i can say, from my personal experience, doing a boudoir session was one of the hardest things to do. As I capture photographs from a boudoir session I notice halfway through something changes in majority of women. They feel comfortable and sexy in their skin which makes their pictures 10x better! Then the outcome is so much greater for the client because they look at their photographs and can’t believe two things. First, they cannot believe they have done something they thought they would never do and second they cannot believe how HOT they look. It is such a beautiful transformation to see and be apart of! It is one of the most rewarding experiences for myself, as a photographer.

If you have decided to do a boudoir session CONGRATULATION! Here are a

few tips to help you get ready for your session.


1) Some photographers will provide sexy outfits for you to choose from where as other photographers will ask you to bring your own. Which ever one your photographer suggests please make sure you feel comfortable and are able to move in the outfit(s) you wear. Boudoir has some gorgeous poses, but they are sometimes very uncomfortable for a good 1-2 minutes which may not seem like a long time except when your body is not happy.

2) Pick an article of clothing that your partner loves. It can be anything from a hat to a shirt. In the end, these photographs are also for the one you love so why not surprise them with a little something of theirs? Next time they wear it they will think of you and your hot body!


Around the holidays you will tend to see a lot of mini session deals for boudoir from many different photographers! You’re probably wondering how do you choose and who?

1) You pay for what you get! Sometimes the lower deal is not always what it cracks up to be. Many times a photographer is higher payment than others due to they are offering more to their mini sessions; they are more popular/ have more business; they are in a higher city or all the above. It never hurts to do some research and see why they cost so much!

2) Pick a photographer who’s work you like! All photographers have their own unique ways of photographing anything. That is what makes their business special. Do not settle for someone you kind of like their work. Chose a photographer that you have seen their previous work and feel comfortable enough to trust them in capturing your body in the way you want to be portrayed.

3) Trust your photographer! As I said before, this is a very scary process and you do not want to go in worried about what your photographer would say or do. If you do not feel comfortable going alone ask if you can bring a friend for support. Sometimes having someone who knows you very well can help get you out of your skin a little more.

You are the star!:

1) Trust your gut! If you do not like something don’t be afraid to say it! For the most part, photographers will help make you feel comfortable. They can change pretty much anything when it comes to your session. Don’t be afraid to listen to your gut and tell them how you feel!

2) Have fun! Turn on some music during your session, laugh, play around! Do anything that makes your have fun! This is not supposed to be a straight forward very serious session. There may be some photographs you will want to be serious, sexy facial expression, but for the most part have fun!

3) DO NOT LOOK AT PINTEREST BEFORE YOUR SESSION! Pinterest is a great resource; I absolutely love it! But I DO NOT recommend looking at the app right before your session! I always tell me clients it’s great to look at pictures for ideas, but keep in mind you are at a different setting with different background, you have a completely different photographer and you do not have that body! No matter how hard you try we sometimes always compare ourselves to others. Do not worry you will look great in your own photographs! Your body is beautiful because it is YOUR BODY! Don’t turn it down because it looks different from others! Enjoy it and flaunt it; it’s worth showing your true beauty!

Last but not least, some things to keep in mind.

1) Always eat something before your session! You never want to go to a session with an empty stomach. No it will not make you look thinner!

2) Please please please do not drink alcohol before your session! Being intoxicated during your session may make you feel looser, but it will not help with your pictures in the end! It can be hard for you to take direction and majority of the time most people think they look sexy but really don’t.

3) Please do not hold your breath in a pose! So many times I see people hold their breath while I take their pictures, but it does not work! You do not look thinner or slimmer and you take a big chance on fainting especially if you have not eaten and have been drinking!

There are my 4 top tips for making a boudoir session easier! Once you take that leap you will be so glad you did! Don‘t forget to have fun and feel sexy during session because you defiantly always are!


Faithful Photographs by Jenn

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